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本公司設有兩間全數碼專業錄音室,配備最先進的錄音及混音器材,備有專業數碼錄音軟件DigiDesign ProTools HD,錄音室器材包括Monitor Speakers ADAM-A7、P11 及S2.5A、Yamaha 02R Control Panel、GML 8200 Equalizer,8302 Mic Preamp、Tube Tech LCA2B compressor等等。此外亦設有Yamaha C3三角琴等,兼顧古典及現代音樂製作需要,更有專業人員提供適當技術支援,務求讓音樂製作人享受最專業、先進及完善的錄音設備。

Baron Music has excellent recording and mixing facilities available to clients. Both of our studios are well equipped with the latest technology. DigiDesign Pro Tools HD is selected as the recording software. Recording hardware includes ADAM-A7, P11 and S2.5A Monitor Speakers; Yamaha 02R Control Panel, GML 8200 Equalizer, 8302 Mic Preamp, Tube Tech LCA2B compressor and many more. One of our studios also contains a Yamaha C3 grand piano for any recording and performance purposes. With our outstanding technology and professional engineers, clients can explore and excel in music in every way they want.
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